Seal Tech Welded Bellows (Liaoning) Co., Ltd(SEAL TECH)
                                                  Seal Tech Welded Bellows (Liaoning) Co., Ltd(SEAL TECH) was founded in 2003,it is a China & Korea Joint Venture enterpriseSeal Tech Welded Bellows (Liaoning) Co., Ltd(SEAL TECH) was founded in 2003,it is a China & Korea Joint Venture enterprise, specializing in the manufacture of welded bellows, which is located in the small and medium enterprises industrial park of Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, endowed with superior geographic location and convenient transportation,covers total area of15000 square meters ,building area of 12000 square metersand clean room 800 square meters.At present,Seal Tech has become a large professional welded bellows manufacturing enterprise which integrated design,R&D,production and sales in China.

                                                  Since founded,Seal Tech has successfully developed welded bellows used for synchrotron radiation accelerators and particle accelerators. Meanwhile,Seal Tech manufactures CVD,PVD,ion implanter,etching machine welded bellows for domestic and overseas semiconductor chip processing equipment OEMs.In pharmaceutical and food industry,Seal Tech supplies welded bellows for pharmaceutical and food sterilization equipment,and vacuum freeze dryer.For solar cell manufacturing equipment,we provide various welded bellows for monocrystalline,polycrystalline,PECVD,LPCVD equipment as well as MOCVD equipment,etching machine,sapphire crystal growing furnace welded bellows in LED fields.We also produce vacuum furnace,electric furnace and other industrial furnace welded bellows for furnace industry;vacuum coating,vacuum chamber,vacuum valve,globe valve welded bellows for vacuum equipment industry and mechanical seal welded bellows for petrochemical industry.
                                                  All the products are widely used in accelerator,aerospace,nuclear fusion,atomic energy,semiconductor,solar photovoltaic,pharmaceutical,vacuum,electronics and petrochemical industries,as well as in major projects launched by domestic military and research institutes. 

                                                  Seal Tech owns international advanced equipments and professional technologies, strict inspection and management systems,which not only provides high quality, but also improve the service life of products.Moreover,Seal Tech manufactures welded bellows of customized specifications and will satisfy customers with fair price and prompt delivery.Our operation principle is “ Once served, be served forever!”